Soie Verte

From the United Arab Emirates, and specifically from the heart of the Emirate of Dubai, vibrant with beauty and sophistication, the Soie Verte Boutique was launched in 2018, and today it has become one of the most famous and leading fashion houses in the field of designing luxurious sheilas and high-end dresses in the Arab Gulf countries, in addition to that it was also able to be An option for many women who are looking for distinctive pieces in different countries of the world.
The name Soie Verte was not randomly chosen. Rather, it is a name that means green silk and carries with it the beauty of silk materials and the luxurious Indonesian night that we rely on in our designs, which are mixed with elegant classic touches and hand embroidery that highlight the beauty of ornate and striking details.We at Soie Verte believe that elegant women only accept what distinguishes them from others and gives them a charming look full of beauty and sophistication.
Therefore, we are keen to provide distinguished designs of sheilas and shields that suit the style of every woman who has a feminine taste characterized by sophistication and luxury.Every piece we create and draw inspiration from its details to serve as an icon full of beauty and simulate the spirit of women who search for excellence and keep up with the latest fashion with passion.

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